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Can You Dance Roundup
A roundup in pictures of our time at Can You Dance.
The Barre is Reducing its Carbon Footprint and Here’s How…
We have been working on a project to reduce our plastic and energy usage in order to contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint and play our part in improving the future. We have looked carefully into where we can make big differences within the business and are really pleased to reveal to you where we are up to!
What Have We Been Talking About?
You might have just started following us or recently come across our site. So we have made a few of our posts a bit easier for you to find. We have handpicked our favourite posts from recent months below for you:
The Barre is Famous You Know…Have You Seen Our Hire Range on TV?
As well as the option to buy ballet barres from our product range, we also hire out our ballet barres to many different people for lots of different reasons. You may have even seen us on the TV on more than one occasion!
The Designer Crystal Barre Range – Christmas is Coming!
The home practice range is a practical and useful gift whilst being super easy to store away, not taking up too much space. For any dancer to have their own ballet barre at home is a very exciting thing…
Can You Dance? is coming to Liverpool...
Can You Dance? is coming to Liverpool on October 19th and 20th! We here at The Barre are very excited as we will be exhibiting there again this year.
Common Challenges You May Face When Starting Up Your New Dance School
This week we have taken a look at the common challenges faced when embarking upon the tricky ambition of starting up your own dance school.
What’s On in September for Dance Lovers…a Theatre and Events Guide
We have hand-picked our top events and shows for you to enjoy through September and October. But make sure to click through the links to find lots of other shows that are also on in each location!
Back to Dance Lessons After Summer? – Our Must Haves for the New Term
Not only have schools been closed for the summer but your children’s dance classes might also have been closed. Not too helpful when they have so much energy to bun off, right?! Well, we are sure they are so excited and looking forward to getting back to dance classes so to make it a bit simpler for you, we have listed our must haves for starting the new term, and also added in a few ‘nice to have’ items at the bottom too.
The Benefits of Dance Beyond the Physical!
Everyone knows that dance, along with other sports and physical activities is good for your health. Keeping active and exercising regularly promotes a healthy body, keeping you fit. But let’s take a look further into the benefits of dance beyond the obvious, especially on young people.
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Customer Feedback
Hi Peter Just wanted to say that my order turned up this morning. I have just put it together and am thrilled with it. It is a beautiful barre and fantastic quality. Better than anything in the studio I usually go to. With best wishes and hope you are all still well and safe. Kind regards Eleanor
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