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Theory ANSWERS - From Last Weeks Questions
Remember our theory questions from last week? Well here are the answers, as promised! Make sure to mark yourself to see how well you have done. You might even want to think of offering yourself the option of a little treat if you do really well.
Test Your Theory with our Quick Quiz
With the sense that things are slowly attempting to get back to some form of normality, we were wondering if any of our wonderful dancers have been putting much time into learning and remembering their theory alongside practising the practical elements of dance? We thought we might put you to the test by listing some theory questions to test and challenge your memories. See how many of the answers you know and in next weeks blog, we will reveal the answers for you to mark yourselves!
In the Spotlight with…Social Media Manager, Alison Tang
Finally, we have had the opportunity to sit with the newest addition to the team, Social Media Manager, Alison Tang. Let’s take a look into her role in the business and how it fits in with the existing setup.
There's More to Ballet than Meets the Eye
We all love our ballet, that can’t be denied. We go to class every week, if not more than once per week. We know all the terminology in French and its explanations. But did you know that there is more to ballet than ‘ballet’? Well, let’s look a little deeper into what that means…ballet is a dance style, yes, but as with many wonderful things, it has evolved through time and there are actually 3 main styles of ballet. It turns out that ballet isn’t that simple!
Here’s Looking at You
We have taken some time this week to really appreciate our customers and see what is going on in your dance lives. So many of you have been really active on social media, keeping your businesses going or keeping up with personal practice and it is great to see.
Competition Time – April 2020
Woohoo! It’s time for another competition. After finding out yesterday that we will be required to remain isolated for at least another further 3 weeks, we wanted to spread a little joy to some of our followers. So, let’s take a look at our latest competition and the awesome prizes up for grabs:
How we are Functioning During Lockdown
We wanted to let you know just how we are managing to continue to service your needs during this lockdown period. Usually, our family run business works from the same office and warehouse, moving between our offices and computers to packing and shipping from the warehouse. It is very much a combined effort.
We’ve Got Your Home Practice Sorted with our Ballet Barre for the Home
We are nearly at the end of our second week of self-isolation. Many of you are working hard following your live dance classes or joining in with your dance school video uploads. We are really impressed at The Barre at how many of you are so dedicated to your dance that you are still practising and practising properly too!
Safe Home Practice Tips
There are lots of dance schools and fitness classes that are running either live classes or recordings to keep you going BUT, there are also lots of free online classes that you can join and follow too. There are a couple of guidance tips that are important for anyone to follow when undertaking fitness sessions at home to keep you safe whilst keeping fit.
How to Have Fun at Home
In light of the current global situation we find ourselves in, we at The Barre did not want to become part of the circus of 'advice' and 'opinions' that are saturating the internet. We also, however, don't want to simply ignore the situation and pretend that something isn't going on around us that is directly affecting every single one of us. This is why we have come up with a whole bunch of activities that you can do at home should you find yourself in a situation where you need to self-isolate for any prolonged period of time.
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Customer Feedback
I ordered my barre to France, where I am currently living, as it was hard for me to find portable barres that looked good quality here. It arrived within a couple of days of placing my order and it is very good quality. The barre base is compact, sturdy once assembled and is extreamly well made. Put together it looks professional and I will be able to have at least 9-10 people use the barre at the same time. It's perfect for what I wanted as I will have to carry it on the bus twice a week! Thank you very much to 'The Barre' for my lovely new ballet barre!
Beth Finch From Bordeaux, France
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