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The Mirror Range (Coming Soon)
Introducing Payment Options
Introducing Payment Options
The Apparel Range
Just In at The Barre...... The Apparel Range
Prestige Awards Winner 2021
Prestige Awards Winner 2021
#theatrefor1pound - Theatre is for everyone and I wanted to encourage as many people as possible to help in a small way. The idea was that if everyone gave £1 it would make a collective difference and the aim is to hopefully help other Dance Companies and theatres too. Theatre is an instrumental part of life that has been here for hundreds of years and needs to be allowed to thrive and be lovingly preserved.
Prestige Award - Winners!
It has been a bit of a turbulent year for us all, with huge changes to how many businesses have to run in order to keep their doors open. We have also felt the cold hand of 2020 at times, but out of the darkness comes light..!
Theory ANSWERS - From Last Weeks Questions
Remember our theory questions from last week? Well here are the answers, as promised! Make sure to mark yourself to see how well you have done. You might even want to think of offering yourself the option of a little treat if you do really well.
Test Your Theory with our Quick Quiz
With the sense that things are slowly attempting to get back to some form of normality, we were wondering if any of our wonderful dancers have been putting much time into learning and remembering their theory alongside practising the practical elements of dance? We thought we might put you to the test by listing some theory questions to test and challenge your memories. See how many of the answers you know and in next weeks blog, we will reveal the answers for you to mark yourselves!
In the Spotlight with…Social Media Manager, Alison Tang
Finally, we have had the opportunity to sit with the newest addition to the team, Social Media Manager, Alison Tang. Let’s take a look into her role in the business and how it fits in with the existing setup.
There's More to Ballet than Meets the Eye
We all love our ballet, that can’t be denied. We go to class every week, if not more than once per week. We know all the terminology in French and its explanations. But did you know that there is more to ballet than ‘ballet’? Well, let’s look a little deeper into what that means…ballet is a dance style, yes, but as with many wonderful things, it has evolved through time and there are actually 3 main styles of ballet. It turns out that ballet isn’t that simple!
Customer Feedback
Everything came in perfect condition, perfectly wrapped. The barre is excellent and even more beautiful in nature. My ballet classes are on Tuesdays, so we already used it.Pupils were excited and happy, there was a fight which lucky 4 will use it for the first time. Myriam, Jerusalem ( Isreal.)
Myriam, Jerusalem ( Isreal.)
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