How we are Functioning During Lockdown

How we are Functioning During Lockdown


We wanted to let you know just how we are managing to continue to service your needs during this lockdown period. Usually, our family run business works from the same office and warehouse, moving between our offices and computers to packing and shipping from the warehouse. It is very much a combined effort.

We see ourselves as a complete unit working together all the time. We pride ourselves on that, each having our own roles to fulfil but also working across each role to make sure that what needs doing, gets done. We love that this comes through in our contact with all our customers and as a result, we have some wonderful customers and have built strong relationships with many of you lovely people.

With the current situation being as it is, our normal way of working has been hugely impacted, but we didn’t want to let any of our customers down. So, we are now functioning independently from our own homes. This makes it much more difficult to work across each other, but we are managing by maintaining regular communication. Answering telephone and email enquiries from our homes and our social media being kept updated to keep you all in the loop only leaves the need to pack and ship the items from the office. Our MD, Peter, has taken this responsibility on during this time, as he wants to ensure that every shipment is at the same exacting standard as normal as well as keeping his family safe. So, he is single-handedly packing, checking and shipping every order.

(Just one day of shipping in the back of our couriers wagon!)

Although this reduction in packing staff makes for a much tougher job for just 1 person, so far, we are managing to ship within our usual lead times and have not delivered any orders late. Trying to balance visits to the office warehouse for shipping and minimising the amount of time away from the safety of home is so far working nicely.

We will keep you updated via our social media channels if we begin to struggle with our delivery times, but we are feeling optimistic that we will be just fine. As long as we can still manufacture then we can still fulfil orders.

This finally just leaves us with a message to our suppliers and couriers which is to say this:

Thank you so much for your continued hard work! You are the link that means we can remain open. You are singlehandedly keeping us in jobs and ensuring our customers are receiving their orders.


There is a massive knock-on effect for everyone and if one link in the chain breaks, then the chain breaks. This is true for every business, not just ours.

We wish you all a fantastic, sunny Easter Bank Holiday weekend spending your time in your gardens, on your balconies, with your windows open and enjoying the wonderful weather from the safety of your homes.


Customer Feedback
I have used Peter multiple times for supplying barres at our studio and we always receive fantastic products and exceptional customer service. Most recently he helped me with a time sensitive order and he went over and beyond to make sure everything came in on time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his team. Many thanks Kind Regards Katie Geddes (Leeds)
Katie Geddes
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