We’ve Got Your Home Practice Sorted with our Ballet Barre for the Home

We’ve Got Your Home Practice Sorted with our

Ballet Barre for the Home


We are nearly at the end of our second week of self-isolation, hopefully it is going well and you aren't getting cabin fever just yet. Many of you are working hard following your live dance classes or joining in with your dance school video uploads. We are really impressed at The Barre at how many of you are so dedicated to your dance that you are still practising and practising properly too! So big claps to you all!

Our range of 1 Metre Freestanding Ballet Barres have never been more useful and practical than right now. Let us explain to you why:

1 Metre is the average length of barre required for one person to be able to practice their barre work and stretches properly. We don’t simply design barres at any length, but at lengths specific to dance requirements!

Our 1 Metre barres also don’t take up too much space in the home. As they are long but slim, they are easily stored behind the sofa or dining table when not in use. There is no need to dismantle after every practise.

Our design is strong and sturdy, making them much safer and more practical to use than the back of a chair or sofa.

When you dance using proper equipment, it sets you up mentally to practice properly. You feel special, like a true dancer when you practice with one of our barres.

Our Home Practice Barres come in 3 colours: Beige, Black and Classic Ash. We offer a home Practice Kit which includes a 1 metre barre, a tote shoe bag and a 1 metre X 1.5 metre length of dance flooring (ideal for practicing in your tap shoes and protecting your floor at home). We also sell our barres and our practise flooring separately. You can find our home practise flooring in lengths of:

1 metre X 1.5 metre

1.5 metre X 1.5 metre

2 metre X 1.5 metre

Currently we are still able to process and ship your orders within the week. You can order online through our website. We have supplied all the page links below for you to find quickly what you are looking for:


Home Practise Barre Kit

1 Metre Ballet Barre (Black and Beige)

1 Metre Ballet Barre (Classis Ash)

Practise Flooring

Should you require any assistance or guidance then get in touch: info@thebarre.co.uk - and we will get back to you promptly.

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Customer Feedback
the barre i ordered arrived on time and was fabulous, the colour (beige) is lovely and looks so professional and is so easy to move around and set up! I absolutely love the product and it fits in the car as well. For anyone wanting a barre I would definately recommend buying from this company, they were easy to contact, the delivery was fast and packaged extremely well and it is extremely sturdy and is a really good price.
Miss Marie From Tenbury
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