How to Have Fun at Home

How to Have Fun at Home


In light of the current global situation we find ourselves in, we at The Barre did not want to become part of the circus of 'advice' and 'opinions' that are saturating the internet. We also, however, don't want to simply ignore the situation and pretend that something isn't going on around us that is directly affecting every single one of us.

This is why we have come up with a whole bunch of activities that you can do at home should you find yourself in a situation where you need to self-isolate for any prolonged period of time.

We often sit at home feeling bored and restless, but in reality, there are so many things that you are able to do at home that if you get your mindset aligned properly, you might find that you actually have a bit of fun and even learn something new!

Here are our ideas on self-isolating activities, both with the family and alone.


With the Family

  1. Netflix - get yourself a huge stockpile of movies and series that you haven't yet seen lined up. This is a great option to save for evenings when you are wanting to wind down and chill out a bit. You can mix up family movies with documentaries, cartoons and the odd scary movie once the kids are asleep. There are so many dance movies to get through before you even move onto any others!
  2. Baking - You don't need to bake anything that even needs eating! - Mixing a little plain flour, oil, water and salt and you have home-made playdough. It is fun to make and fun to play with after too. Wandering around the house finding different surfaces to imprint your dough onto is a fun activity for the kids. Or play a game making shapes and animals for others to guess. There could be a prize for the winner.
  3. Set Dance Routines - Challenge your children to set some dance routines and then put on a show for you. This one is brilliant because it encourages the kids to play together, gives mum and dad a bit of peace and quiet but also comes together in the end as a family activity. You could easily use up a whole morning or afternoon on an activity like this!
  4. Make Costumes - Everyone always has the odd items of old clothes or scruff's lying around. Get them out, get some felt tip pens, bits of ribbon and some glue etc. Let the children get creative making show costumes. They could even tie this activity in with the activity above and really go to town on putting on a show for you!
  5. Building a Den - A classic and favourite of all children. You can make a super simple den out of sofa cushions and blankets or spend ages constructing an elaborate labrynth if you want (just remember you will have to tidy up after too!). Maybe even let the children eat their lunch or dinner in the den. What a treat!
  6. TV Time - Nobody wants their children sat in front of the TV all day, but sometimes the TV can be a real help to mum and dads sanity. Especially if you are in isolation for maybe 2 weeks or more. Let them watch some rubbish on TV. It will also be tough for them too not being able to play out with friends. It might be nice to treat them a bit with a little lazy TV time.
  7. Learning - Some children might miss the learning element of being at school. Why not set some classroom exercises for them. Maybe get them to write a story for you to read or set some maths. You can mark them and offer a little treat if they get everything correct. Ask your children to do some research on a topic that you choose. See how much information they can find out self-directed. This is another neat trick to get yourself some down time too...












For the Grown Up's

  1. Take Some Time - Why not take a couple of days to just enjoy being at home with your partner or your family? It's a rare opportunity to do so. Re-charge your batteries and just chill out. Look after yourself and pamper yourself.
  2. Get Some Jobs Done - you know the ones. The dripping tap or the bit of chipped paint. Sorting through paperwork and re-organising your kitchen cupboards. These are all the jobs that we don't do on the weekend because we would rather go out and enjoy our free time - and rightly so too! Now though, you have been gifted this extra time, might as well make use of it!
  3. Read - Start that book that you bought last year when you promised you would get back into reading. Let yourself sink into the make-believe between the pages. Before you know it, 2 hours will have passed and it will be time for lunch!
  4. Learn - Remember that online Beginner Spanish course you fancied doing but didnt have time? Well ta-da! Do you need to research something? If you are a DIY buff and are planning a new project, why not get online and learn how to build it or how to design your next project properly.
  5. DIY - Nicely following on from above and relevant to a lot of households. Get those DIY jobs started. Build that cupboard and make your customised photo frames. You already have all the materials sat waiting. Motivate yourself, you will be glad you did!
  6. Be Silly - Put some music on super loud and just dance about like nobody is watching. Have so much fun listenting to your favourite tunes, dancing about the living room or the whole house even! Not only does dance release happy hormones and reduce the build up of stress causing hormone cortisol, it's flipping good exercise too! Burn some calories by accident.
  7. Set an Exercise Routine - It is easy to slip into the habbit of being a couch potato, but if you can create a manageable and simple exercise rutine to do every morning, you will set yourself up for a much more positive day plus make some constructive use of your morning. If you don't know how to create your own, the internet is full of workouts you can follow. Just be careful and make sure that you are fit and able to exercise before you begin. The last thing you want is to injure yourself whilst in self-isolation.











For Those Living Alone

And so to our final section of activities for those living alone. It is important to first highlight the vital need for human interaction to thrive and survive. We may be faced with those we know who are isolated in the truest meaning of the word. This may be elderly relatives or neighbours but also may be younger people who live alone too. We do sincerely hope that everyone has someone who is looking out for them.

  1. Telephone - Make sure to call those who are living alone. Just for a simple chat. Let someone know that you care and are thinking about them. Allow them to make use of their time in the company of the people they care about too. Even if it isn't in person. What a difference it will make.
  2. FaceTime - This amazing piece of technology will be vital for many living alone in the coming weeks and months. If you have someone elderly who doesn't have access to this, do you have the time to organise a phone and teach them how to use it? Being able to call grandma through FaceTime and letting her see the people she loves and needs will bring so much joy and pump the endorphins around which will contribute greatly to survival in the elderly.
  3. Dance - Dance like no-one's watching - and in this case, you really can! Enjoy your favourite songs and pieces of music. Throw away your cares and let yourself live in the moment. You will feel wonderful for it. Even better, if you have one of our home practice barres, you can keep working on your technique!
  4. Get Creative - Get in the kitchen and try out some new recipes. Invent some new flavours if you want. You might just create something so delicious that you shock yourself. You can then cook for your loved ones after this difficult time is over.
  5. Take Up a Hobby - Why not teach yourself something new. Or perfect something you already enjoy doing. Drawing, colouring, knitting, upcycling old clothes. You have time on your hands to do all the things you never get around to.
  6. TV - The TV can be a real friend when you are isolated alone. Don't feel guilty for having the TV on all the time. Hey, you don’t even need to be watching it, just having the noise of other people in the background can go a long way for protecting your mental health. Enjoy some 'trash TV', maybe even try watching something that you NEVER would normally watch. You never know, you might like it...
  7. Meditate - Even if it isn't really your 'thing', you may find solace and calm in practicing meditation. Allow your thoughts to buzz around in your head and then over time just melt away. Meditation takes time to really get into and be able to focus on 'nothing'. Now you have time to really give it a go with no external distractions.











We hope that as you look down our list of ideas to keep you occupied during any potential self-isolation you may be faced with that we can inspire a little optimism and some ideas of your own.

For many of us, we have never faced anything in our lives that has had such a potential impact on our immediate future so we don't know where to turn. But the old sayings are the best. We just need to stick together and help each other out in whatever form that might take.

As we are preparing for potentially a huge disruption to our lives, there are still people starving and dying all across the world for no good reason. There are still forest fires and poachers and devastating floods. These things don't stop because we have a new struggle. It is important that we remember, keep our perspective and work together to get through it.

We wish you all good health and pray for those who are struggling across the globe.



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