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What Are They & How Do They Work?

Loyalty Points are points given to customers who make a purchase from The Barre (UK) Limited, that can then be redeemed against future purchases to save you money.

All transactions give you points which you can use or save and use at a later date.



How Do I Get Them & Save or Spend Them?

In order to collect and use your Loyalty points you must become an account member by filling your details in at the check out or by using the members tab at the top of the page. Once you have logged into your account any purchases made will automatically log loyalty points..... Which can then be used to gain money off your order. Just REMEMBER to log-in in when making an on line purchase.

You will see at checkout a box with use loyalty points prompt. (If you wish to use them)



How Much Are They Worth?

Each loyalty point is worth 0.01p.

So for example: -

£100 purchase = £1 (or 100 points)

£150 purchase = £1.50 (or 150 points)

£1000 purchase = £10 (or 1000 points)




 The Legal Bit! 


  • The Scheme is operated by The Barre (UK) Limited. Batley WF17 8LL.
  • Members must register their personal details and keep The Barre informed of any changes to these details. The Barre cannot be held responsible for any loss of points as a result of out of date member details.
  • The Barre may at any time terminate the scheme or change or amend the terms & conditions of operation of the scheme
  • All members of the loyalty point scheme must be over the age of 18.
  • Loyalty Points cannot be transferred to other members or other accounts.
  • The loyalty points cannot be bought, sold or in any way traded.
  • Members can choose to leave the scheme at any time, by leaving the scheme members forfeit the right to any points accrued or issued.
  • The Barre may decline to issue, withdraw or cancel loyalty points, and/ or remove a member from the scheme at any time. Where The Barre have a reasonable belief that there may be;
    -Any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme
    -Any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions and/or those relating to the  optional elements of the scheme.
    -Members decide to leave the scheme.