Here at "thebarre", we have been made aware of a wonderful initiative, set up by one of our customers designed to help the arts and theatres during this current Covid-19 pandemic. We are all suffering the financial and emotional effects of the pandemic globally, and we love the idea of this initiative! Please take a moment to have a read through and we hope you are inspired to get involved. You will also find a link to the donation page with further information at the bottom of this page!
“ I launched #theatrefor1pound to help the Arts in particular Northern Ballet and Leeds Playhouse, following the Covid-19 pandemic. Theatre is for everyone and I wanted to encourage as many people as possible to help in a small way. The idea was that if everyone gave £1 it would make a collective difference and the aim is to hopefully help other Dance Companies and theatres too.
Theatre is an instrumental part of life that has been here for hundreds of years and needs to be allowed to thrive and be lovingly preserved.
I am conscious we are all struggling and each individual and every industry has been affected by this situation, so wanted people to feel that donating £1 is an easily attainable amount to contribute as an empathetic gesture towards this cause.

Our daughter Izzy is a student at The Academy of Northern Ballet on the Centre for Advanced Training Programme, the professional scheme. Students train in the same building as the Company, a unique set up and allows them to be immersed in the “Ballet World”. They have opportunities  to watch Company class and see choreographers and musicians at work. It’s a very inspirational  environment. Therefore being so involved we have seen how this sector has been dramatically affected. 

With any performance it’s not just the dancers that have been impacted by this situation but: musicians; costume/set designers; special effects; makeup;writers; choreographers; physiotherapists; conductors; actors; photographers;  advertising; box office staff; front of house; lighting engineers and the lorry driver who transports the set. The list seems endless!" 
To read more on the #theatrefor1pound initiative, please click the link below which will take you to the donation page where you will find a more personal account with further details as to why this has been set up. We feel is it a cause worth shouting about so we really hope you get involved. Donating whatever you can afford, collectively will make a huge difference to a wide range of performers, employees and the theatre culture overall!
Thank you for taking the time to read! 
Customer Feedback
Hi Peter Just wanted to say that my order turned up this morning. I have just put it together and am thrilled with it. It is a beautiful barre and fantastic quality. Better than anything in the studio I usually go to. With best wishes and hope you are all still well and safe. Kind regards Eleanor
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