Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The Barre is Reducing its Carbon Footprint and Here’s How…


We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our plastic and energy usage, in order to contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint and play our part in improving the future.

We have looked carefully into where we can make big differences within the business and are really pleased to reveal to you, what we are endeavouring to do.



As a manufacturer, we have reduced dramatically, the amount of plastic packaging we use for our Barres and products for delivery. We are delighted to tell you, we have reduced our plastic packaging on our products by 70%. This is a huge reduction and we are sure that our future reduction will increase further!

We have also sourced eco-friendly bio degradable bags for our apparel range that release no toxic residues or fragments of plastic.



In our offices and storage facility, we have replaced all of our lighting with new, low energy LED lighting. This significantly reduced our company energy output but means we can still see what we are doing.



In a continued effort to play our part in reducing our carbon footprint, we have introduced and are implementing new online systems which has reduced our paper usage considerably.  Where ever possible our marketing material is made from recycled paper.



This question we are asked now by a number of our customers….

“Is your wood sustainable?”

Well, the simple answer is “YES”.  All the wood that we source and use to make our beautiful Classic Range is PEFC approved. Our suppliers work hard to make sure that they only source sustainable wood; therefore we are proud to pass this good news onto our customers

If you are unsure what PEFC is or what it means to you, then you can take a look here on the PEFC website which gives an explanation. (



As you can see, we have started making real strides, in the improvement of our business and products to reduce our own carbon footprint.


Customer Feedback
I have purchased 2 of these items along with and extension Barre/connector link for our local Dance school and they are so easy to put together, dismantle and store, I would highly recommend this product and will be buying another one very soon.. The students are delighted to have Barres to practise with .. A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT and SERVICE from THE BARRE , Thank you :=) x
Liz Devlin From Newcastle upon tyne
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