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Safe Home Practice Tips
There are lots of dance schools and fitness classes that are running either live classes or recordings to keep you going BUT, there are also lots of free online classes that you can join and follow too. There are a couple of guidance tips that are important for anyone to follow when undertaking fitness sessions at home to keep you safe whilst keeping fit.
How to Have Fun at Home
In light of the current global situation we find ourselves in, we at The Barre did not want to become part of the circus of 'advice' and 'opinions' that are saturating the internet. We also, however, don't want to simply ignore the situation and pretend that something isn't going on around us that is directly affecting every single one of us. This is why we have come up with a whole bunch of activities that you can do at home should you find yourself in a situation where you need to self-isolate for any prolonged period of time.
Roundup - The Barre at Perform - Ireland
After landing back from Dublin on Sunday night last weekend and taking a bit of time to rest and recover, we are back to it this week. Our weekend in Dublin at Perform Ireland was a real blast. We have put a few pictures together for you to see but really nothing ever compares to actually attending these big dance events either as an exhibitor, dancer or spectator!. If you ever get the opportunity, you must come along and see for yourself!
Hilarious Things All Dancers Do that Seem Weird to Everyone Else
Dancers are very much a group of individuals that see the world completely differently to everyone else. We have demonstrated this with some examples below as to how our brains work and why we may seem a little 'different' to others...
Valentines Competition - The Winners
Our latest competition to win our 1 metre Classic Freestanding Ballet Barre and Canvas Tote Bag was so very well received with lots of you lovely people interacting, commenting and liking our post, that we decided to also draw 3 additional runner up names.
Dance – Art, Sport or Both?
Many people see ballet and ‘dance’ as a fun but not proper form of exercise. Those who have never danced properly (at a dance school or on a dance course) have very little understanding of just how physically and emotionally demanding it can be.
Getting Up-Close and Personal with our Classic Range
Our Classic Range of ballet barres are so beautiful its almost a crime not to look at them in close detail. From the quality of the ash wood barre length to the strong and sturdy support legs, there isn’t an inch of this range that we don’t just love!
The Barre is Exhibiting at Perform in Dublin!
We are very excited to announce that you will see us exhibiting in Dublin this year! This is our first time visiting Dublin (for work anyway!) and we are really looking forward to meeting lots of new customers and businesses.
A Brief History of the Origins of the Pointe Shoe
Have you ever wondered where the pointe shoe came from? How it was invented and who came up with the idea of dancing on the ends of your toes? Well, wonder no more as we take you through a brief history of the origins of the magnificent pointe shoe.
In the Spotlight with... Marketing Director, David Mann
After sitting down with Managing Director and Business Owner, Peter Mann last year, we have now turned our attentions to David Mann, Marketing Director at The Bare. Here is what David had to say to us when we caught up with him earlier in the week.
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Customer Feedback
I have used Peter multiple times for supplying barres at our studio and we always receive fantastic products and exceptional customer service. Most recently he helped me with a time sensitive order and he went over and beyond to make sure everything came in on time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his team. Many thanks Kind Regards Katie Geddes (Leeds)
Katie Geddes
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