Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Dancers

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Dancers


We’ve been exploring some of the cool and unusual Christmas gift ideas for your dance loving friends and family and have come up with our own top ideas to bring a little dance to Christmas morning.


Uniform Kit

If you know someone who has just started their dance journey and needs uniform, a uniform kit is a fantastic gift. As it can be pricey to buy everything all at once, this is a great gift to help out too. Different dance styles and schools have different requirements and prices will vary too. Just find out what you need from the school and you can bundle it all together in a lovely gift box. Your dancer is sure to love it!

You can buy entire uniforms from sites such as: https://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/












Personalised Jewellery

Maybe one more geared towards the girls, a beautiful dance necklace with personalisation is a lovely keepsake. There are so many options, styles and prices that you can select the perfect option for you and your dancer. Give it a good Google to find the right place for you, but a good place to start for inspiration is: https://www.etsy.com/uk/market/dance_jewellery













Theatre Tickets

This is ideal for all ages but we would suggest for slightly older recipients. There are so many amazing shows in your local areas as well as London's West End. With varying price levels, you can control how much you want to spend. Just remember that with tickets, you should really purchase at least 2. Its no fun sending someone to the theatre on their own! Search your local theatres for what’s on. Or have a look for London West End shows here: https://www.london-theater-tickets.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA8qLvBRAbEiwAE_ZzPWk4g7GVcycM3CkvD44mcNjRXpvxtBoSjw-7vcHjdX0tFVxWLZedlRoCCmkQAvD_BwE













Term Fees

If you know someone who is really wanting to start dancing or wants to join a certain dance course but is struggling to afford it, why not get in touch with the school or company and pre-pay for a terms fees. Then you can get creative making a certificate to hand to the lucky aspiring dancer on Christmas morning. Most local dance schools are very affordable and you can pay per subject. Of course, if you are buying for someone else’s child then just check with their parents first!












Subscription to Music Channels

Of course what is the other thing that ALL dancers love..? …MUSIC. Without music, dancers are sort of limited to their imagination, so if you’re struggling for inspiration for a teenage Christmas gift, why not buy a year’s subscription to Amazon Music or Spotify? There are lots of different subscription services available too. Let them spend their days creating dances, practicing and enjoying the creativity that music brings, rather than hanging around, bored and uninspired.












Our Home Practice Ballet Barres!

Of course, our 1 metre Home Practice Barres are also a fantastic, different and inspiring gift to wake up to on Christmas morning. A one-time purchase that will last years. This is a great key investment piece that is sure to wow.












We hope that you have found some inspiration from our list of gift ideas. There are so many ideas but trying to find those slightly different or unusual ones that will really make the eyes sparkle when received are the best and don’t always have to cost the earth!

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