The Barre Cardio, Gym and Fitness Range – Single and Double Formation Barres

The Barre Cardio, Gym and Fitness Range – Single and Double Formation Barres

You might not be aware but here at The Barre we don’t only manufacture and supply ballet barres. We also have a range of gym and fitness equipment designed to help with gymnastic technique, upper body workouts such as push ups and tricep dips and body weight resistance exercises. 

We are all trying to better ourselves and with the focus today being very much on looking after our bodies, eating the right things and being active, it is important to us that we are able to provide assistance to those of you who are really looking to keep motivated.

Our Double and Single Pirouette Barres are perfect to aide with: 

  • Training the upper body
  • Balance practice
  • Gymnastic movements
  • Cheer and dance training
  • Core training and stability

Our Fitness Barres can be found in gymnasiums, cheer schools, gyms and also in dance schools. Army style training groups have made use of our barres in the past to aide with intense upper body workouts and resistance training too.

Our single formation starts at £100 for the 1M set.

Our double formation starts at £160 for the 1M set.














As with our entire range, these are also compatible with the rest of the range, therefore if you already have barres, you may just need to purchase the feet in order to create your Cardio Barre.

Our set of 2 feet start at £50 for a Single and £60 for a Double.

As with our entire range, you don’t need to restrict your purchases to the gym or the dance studio. This range of Fitness Barre will sit perfectly in your home gym or even at the end of your bed. Easily dismantled they can be stored away under the bed or behind the sofa with no fuss.















Keep motivated, get fit, be happy and healthy!

Take a look here at our little demo video where you can see the stability of the product and get a better idea of how we use these barres.


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Customer Feedback
I ordered my barre to France, where I am currently living, as it was hard for me to find portable barres that looked good quality here. It arrived within a couple of days of placing my order and it is very good quality. The barre base is compact, sturdy once assembled and is extreamly well made. Put together it looks professional and I will be able to have at least 9-10 people use the barre at the same time. It's perfect for what I wanted as I will have to carry it on the bus twice a week! Thank you very much to 'The Barre' for my lovely new ballet barre!
Beth Finch From Bordeaux, France
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