In the Spotlight with... Marketing Director, David Mann

In the Spotlight with... Marketing Director, David Mann

After sitting down with Managing Director and Business Owner, Peter Mann last year, we have now delved into the innter workings of the mind of David Mann, Marketing Director at The Barre. Here is what David had to say to us when we caught up with him earlier in the week. 


Q: David, tell us a bit about yourself then. When did you start with The Barre?
A: I started working at The Barre around 7 years ago in 2013.

Q: What was it that made you want to get involved in the family business?
A: Initially I came on board to help my dad, Peter, with the general day-to-day running of the processes and to help with the heavy lifting of stock and packaging up barres for delivery. Over time I began to introduce some modern elements to the business by creating our YouTube channel and exploring social media platforms.

Q: When you first started back in 2013, what was your role and what were your main responsibilities in the business?
A: I supose I didn't have a specific role to begin with. I just did what needed to be done as the business was getting busier.  I then found my feet within the Marketing and IT side of the business. Getting the website established and responsive to our customers and getting involved in exhibitions and trade shows.

Q: Working in a family business can be tricky sometimes but you seem to have a really good rhythm here, do you have any secrets as to how you keep a strong working relationship alongside family relationships?
A: We all have our roles and respect each others space so we raley cross over and have very few creative diffrences.  I suppose we share the same passion and vision so we know that we all want the same thing ultimately. When we do differ in our vision, we sit down together and work it out. We also live by the moto that "work is work and home life is family time." Remembering this really is key. 

Q: You are also a DJ, is that right? How long have you been doing that and how does that fit in with the work you do at The Barre?
A: Yes I have been working as a DJ now for the past 18 years across the UK and europe, and making my own music for the past 4 years. It fits in with work very neatly as they dont overlap, I DJ on days that I don't work here. I feel very fortunate as both are very simulating, interesting and fun jobs to have.

Q: What have been the biggest challenges for the business recently in your opinion and how have you overcome them?
A: I would say being accessible to all customers and keeping the business at the cutting egde of the dance world, keeping up with trends and pushing forward without alienating existing or potential new customers is a constant balancing act. The world moves so fast today that you really can't rest. 

Q: Do you have a shared vision with Peter for the future of the business or have you got other ideas?
A: Yes I believe our visions are one and the same. Personally, I hope to keep developing our products and offering our customers the best ballet barres and accessories on the market, with the best service. Our customers are our family.

Q: What would you say are the main things that you have learned since starting to work at the Company?
A:The importance of planning and planning everything way in advance. From events co-ordiantion to stock taking it is the most important job to be well organised. We believe that we should always be able to help with a customer requirement without delay; good planning and organisation ensures that we can do this. 

Q: What are you most proud of when you think about The Barre? What would you say are your main personal contributions?
A: Its great to see our barres on TV programs such as Strictly and Dancing on Ice and also being used by some of the worlds best dancers. But my most proud achivement to date is that we have never had a bad review of our products or service. I can feel personally proud of this along with the business.

Q: We spoke briefly about your DJ work earlier. Aside from that, what else fills your time, what do you enjoy to do?
A: I like running and I take part in half marathons usally raising money  for Dementia Care UK. I enyjoy playing golf with my dad when we get chance. I also like to take at least 2 Sundays a month off and go somewhere new or try something new.

Q: And finally, in 3 words can you describe the future for The Barre that you envision?
A: Productive, Innovating, Happy.




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Customer Feedback
I have purchased 2 of these items along with and extension Barre/connector link for our local Dance school and they are so easy to put together, dismantle and store, I would highly recommend this product and will be buying another one very soon.. The students are delighted to have Barres to practise with .. A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT and SERVICE from THE BARRE , Thank you :=) x
Liz Devlin From Newcastle upon tyne
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