woodland spring wood floor 2 woodland sprung floor
Twoodland spring wood floor 2 Twoodland sprung floor


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Permanent Install Sprung Floor
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Permanent Wood Sprung Floor

An area elastic professional sprung dance floor for all dance types. Woodland Spring is
our most popular hardwood professional dance floor. Available in a variety of
hardwood finishes: Oak, Beech, Ash and Canadian Maple. Woodland Spring is also
available as a sub-construction in a plywood finish which allows a variety of
specialist vinyl dance floor finishes to be permanently installed on the
surface, such as Nocturne, Coda, Astral and Symphony.
Progressive Shock Absorption
Woodland Spring also benefits the performer with progressive shock absorption. Most
dance floors are designed and tested for shock absorption using a person
weighing approximately 75kg but many female dancers and children are far
lighter than this. Tests show that under varying loads, from just 30kg Woodland
Spring still provides over 50% shock absorption thus minimising the risk of
injuries to all performers of all ages.

Virtually Unlimited Weight Loading

The patented built-in shock absorption material and construction can withstand an almost
unlimited load. Unlike a traditional void sprung floor the composite closed
cell material can never be compressed more than 50% which means the Woodland
Spring dance floor can never be overloaded. This is particularly useful in
multipurpose venues or where large stage trucks or access equipment is required
to operate overhead.


Woodland Spring provides a positive and active response to a performer's needs. Dancers
benefit from less impact stress and damage to joints and tendons whilst gaining
an improved dynamic lift enabling them to jump higher and safer than on
traditional floors.


Woodland Spring can be installed directly on top of the existing floor or sub-floor. The
sub-floor must be stable, self-supporting and level. The Barre's use of specialist
installation equipment ensures the correct application of adhesive and the
effective installation of the floor. Due to its extremely low finished floor
height (28mm) it is well suited for renovation purposes and works very well
when installed for dance studio conversions from existing public buildings.
If you would like further information, or a quotation please contact us.

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Customer Feedback
the barre i ordered arrived on time and was fabulous, the colour (beige) is lovely and looks so professional and is so easy to move around and set up! I absolutely love the product and it fits in the car as well. For anyone wanting a barre I would definately recommend buying from this company, they were easy to contact, the delivery was fast and packaged extremely well and it is extremely sturdy and is a really good price.
Miss Marie From Tenbury
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