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Self Install Sprung Floor
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Meadow Spring

An area elastic professional sprung dance floor for all
dance types. Benefits of the Meadow Spring system are not only in its ability
to provide an exceptionally responsive dance floor but as a semi-permanent
installation it can be removed quickly and simply even after many years of
installed use. This means that as a dance studio grows or moves the floor
system can simply be moved or added to as it is owned by the dance studio.

Shock Absorption

Meadow Spring provides a high degree of shock absorption
which contributes to minimise the risk of injuries. It is an area elastic dance
floor where the boards are installed on top of shock absorption foam. It can be
installed on an even, sound and self-supporting subfloor or on an existing
floor giving a finished floor height of 29mm. It has been tested in accordance
to the demands of EN14904 and meets the requirements of all five test elements
and achieves the highest Type A4 classification.

Virtually Unlimited Weight Loading

The patented built-in shock absorption material and
construction can withstand an almost unlimited load. Unlike a traditional void
sprung floor the composite closed cell material can never be compressed more
than 50% which means the Woodland Spring dance floor can never be overloaded.
This is particularly useful in multipurpose venues or where large stage trucks
or access equipment is required to operate overhead.


Meadow Spring provides a positive and active response to a
performer's needs. Dancers benefit from less impact stress and damage to joints
and tendons whilst gaining an improved dynamic lift enabling them to jump
higher and safer than on traditional floors.


Meadow Spring can be installed directly on top of the
existing floor or sub-floor. The sub-floor must be stable, self-supporting and
level. The Barres use of specialist installation equipment ensures the correct
application of adhesive and the effective installation of the floor. Due to its
extremely low finished floor height (28mm) it is well suited for renovation
purposes and works very well when installed for dance studio conversions from
existing public buildings.

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Customer Feedback
Hi Peter Just wanted to say that my order turned up this morning. I have just put it together and am thrilled with it. It is a beautiful barre and fantastic quality. Better than anything in the studio I usually go to. With best wishes and hope you are all still well and safe. Kind regards Eleanor
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