Delivery Information


(a) Delivery dates are estimates only and the time of delivery is not of the essence of the contract. The Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to deliver the goods by the stated delivery date, but may suspend or delay delivery and shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever in the event of late delivery or non-delivery of goods or any installment owing to any occurrence whatsoever beyond its control. The Buyer shall not be entitled to refuse to accept late delivery or treat late delivery as a breach of contract. (b) The Company may at its option deliver by installments, and each installment shall constitute a separate contract on these Conditions. (c) Delivery shall take place and risk shall pass upon the earliest of the following :-

(i) the Company handing the goods to the Buyer or its agent at the Company's premises; or (ii) the goods leaving the Company's premises, or (iii) the expiry of (in the case of inland orders) the seventh working day or (in the case of export orders) the fourteenth working day after notification by the Company to the Buyer that the goods are available for collection at the Company's premises. (iv) If the Buyer shall fail to collect the goods on the expiry of the seventh working day following notification as provided for in paragraph 3c(iii) above, the Company shall be at liberty to treat the contract as repudiated by the Buyer. Until the contract is so terminated the Company may store the goods, the cost of storage being added to and form part of the price.

If the Company elects to treat the contract as repudiated in accordance with this Condition it shall (without prejudice to its rights and remedies against the Buyer in respect of such repudiation) be at liberty to sell the goods and retain the proceeds thereof.


The Buyer shall notify the Company and the carrier of loss or damage to the goods in transit within twenty-four hours after receipt and in writing within seven working days after despatch.


(a) The Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and subject to paragraph (b) below be deemed to have accepted the goods as delivered. (b) The Company shall not be liable for defects or shortages discoverable on reasonable inspection unless the Buyer notifies the Company before the expiry of seven working days after delivery of any alleged defect or lack of conformity with the contract. (c) The Company shall make good shortages (in excess of the permitted margins) notified to it under paragraph (b) as soon as reasonably practicable but shall not be liable for any other loss whatsoever arising from such shortage. (d) The Company's liability for goods lost or damaged in transit shall in all circumstances be limited to (at the Company's option) repair or replacement or crediting the Buyer with the invoice value of the goods in question.

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Customer Feedback
I have purchased 2 of these items along with and extension Barre/connector link for our local Dance school and they are so easy to put together, dismantle and store, I would highly recommend this product and will be buying another one very soon.. The students are delighted to have Barres to practise with .. A REALLY GREAT PRODUCT and SERVICE from THE BARRE , Thank you :=) x
Liz Devlin From Newcastle upon tyne
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